Smartphone Website Building

Smartphone websites have come to play an important role in corporate web strategy.
However, there are still many websites which do not go beyond being mere copies of PC websites, and are not optimized for the behavior of smartphone users.
At TAM, using a production flow with the idea of 'MobileFirst', Smartphone Websites are built from the perspective of smartphone users.

Context Scenario/UI Design

After understanding the target image, the action flow of users is identified.
From the many action flows, the priority of information can be seen, allowing for the introduction of a website built based on the concept of MobileFirst.

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Paper Prototype - User Testing

A paper prototype of the actual screen design is created.
The improvement cycle is repeated based on the UI/UX issues raised and insights gained from user testing. This results in a superior screen design when compared to the pre-design stage.

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Responsive Web Design

By switching to a layout that matches the width of the window, multiple devices can be supported using a single HTML code.
This enables the provision of a screen and design that is characteristic of Responsive Design's parameters and considerations.

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Multi-Device CMS

Information is centralized using CMS, which allows for the realization of optimized website design on desktop PCs, smartphones and other devices.
The selection of CMS and information design is done to suit goals, as well as the content and frequency of updates.

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