Building and Operating a Website/Webstore

Access Analysis - PDCA Improvement

The KPI is clarified, being tailored to the purpose of the website, and regular meetings are scheduled with the client to share the degree to which the goals have been achieved. In addition, using the simple problem management sheet allows for continuous improvements and growth to be realized.

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Usability Testing

At TAM, usability testing is just one of the many steps in the process of building a website. Instead of being merely research and results, the insights gained from the tests are used creatively in following processes.

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CMS Implementation

From the proposal and selection of the most appropriate CMS, information design for future operational flow, template design, to supporting the client's internal workflow post-release, we comprehensively handle all of the tasks required for building a website with CMS.

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Operations System Building

An operations system is built with considerations to the website's purpose and the client's needs. The optimization of this system is done based on the PDCA cycle, and from a medium to long term perspective.

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